The Blancco E800 can be configured to adapt to any type of hard drive, including SAS, SATA, IDE, Fiber Channel, and SCSI.  Enterprise Erase E800 is an industrial-grade server solution built to meet your high volume date erasure needs.

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Blancco Enterprise Erase E800 provides:

  • Compatible: Support for Fiber Channel, SCSI or SAS drives
  • Hot swap ready: Intended to improve erasure throughput
  • Customizable: Erase different types of drives with the same appliance
  • Bay numbering digitally: Recognize where the drives are physically connected with ease
  • Designed for high volume usage:The Blancco Enterprise Erase E800 is simple to use. The User simply inserts the drive to be erased into the bay. The system recognizes the drives and bay numbers which then appear in the software interface. The user selects the drive and clicks the “Erase” button to commence erasure.
  • Tamper proof reports: Systematically generated digitally-signed reports with export support into external databases or cloud environments
  • Fully operational: All you supply is the keyboard, monitor and mouse
  • Simplicity: Software options designed around your business process
  • Standard power: Powered off a standard wall outlet with no additional power requirements