The demand on network, application, people and process security is an emerging need for every organization. Leading organizations that want to enhance their internal operations to ensure a high level of information assurance realize and require a lower IT operational risk. H3 Secure Information Security Consulting Services (ISCS) offer a comprehensive suite of services to identify risks, mitigate and enhance IT controls. The result is a balanced secure operational environment.

Organizations continuously ask:

  • How secure is my company’s network and IT resources ?
  • Are my applications free of vulnerabilities ?
  • Do I have the time and budget to invest in IT security ?
  • How effective is my organization’s disaster recovery plan ?
  • Are the current physical and environmental controls in place sufficient ?

H3 Secure is a vendor-neutral information security consulting company based in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. With the help of H3 Secure ISCS these and more demanding questions can be evaluated and answered. H3 Secure provides solid and factual based answers to more demanding and challenging questions. Collectively, our knowledgeable and experienced consultants, our tested and proven methodology, our engineering approach to secure IT challenges and our use of custom tools add intangible value to all our clients and in all deployed solutions.

H3 Secure ISCS ensure that your organization level of information security is up to international standards and best practices thus answering the big question “Is my organization secure ?”

H3 Secure suite of managed security services include

  • Secure Network Review and Design
  • Penetration Testing
  • Information Security Strategy Design
  • Risk Management
  • PCI-DSS Assessment and Compliance
  • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Assessment, Design and Implementation
  • Web & Application Security Reviews
  • Security Awareness
  • Security Operation Centre (SOC) Review and Design

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