How Blancco can help you achieve compliance with National Electronic Security Authority (NESA) Guidelines

NESA is a federal authority responsible for cyber security strategy in the UAE and NESA requirements include three distinct areas: ISO 27001, PCI DSS and Cyber Essentials. Compliance is mandatory for all UAE government entities and entities identified as ‘Critical National Service’ by NESA.

Compliance is also applicable and mandatory for all other participating stakeholders who support and deal with critical national information, or provide such services. For all other UAE entities, NESA recommends to follow the guidelines on a voluntary basis, in order to participate in raising the nation’s minimum security level.

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The objective of NESA compliance is not only to keep critical data safe, but also to:

  • Strengthen security of critical information infrastructure and reduce corresponding risk levels;
  • Detect, respond, and recover from significant cyber security incidents and reduce its impact upon society and the UAE economy;
  • Increase cyber security awareness among its workforce and thus build a national capability;
  • Foster collaboration at sector and national level.

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