Learn How Blancco can help you achieve compliance with the National Cybersecurity Authority Data Cybersecurity Controls – NCA DCC.

In 2022, the Saudi Arabian National Cybersecurity Authority released its Data Cybersecurity Controls (DCC-1:2022) to contribute to raising the cybersecurity maturity at a national level by setting the minimum cybersecurity requirements to enable organizations to protect their data during its entire data lifecycle.

Under the domain Cybersecurity Defense, subdomain 2.6 addresses Secure Data Disposal with the objective of ensuring secure disposal of data as per organizational policies and procedures as well as related laws and regulations.

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As the leader in Secure Data Erasure solutions, Blancco can help your organization achieve compliance with the NCA DCC. Offering a comprehensive suite of products that will ensure your data is securely erased once it is no longer required along with tamper-proof audit certificates.

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