Onsite appliances with certified data erasure software for loose, failing or RMA drives and hard drive enclosures. Securely erase data on loose drives and enclosures on-premise at data centers or in large IT facilities. Blancco Hardware Solutions provide the most trusted solution for onsite data sanitization requirements using a quick and effective process. A 3-year limited warranty and support are also available.

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Blancco Data Erasure Hardware

Blancco 8 Bay Drive Eraser

Industrial grade server solution, built to meet your loose drive erasure needs. Fully operational, hot swap ready, and configured to support a broad range of hard drives including NVMe, SSD, SAS, SATA, Fiber Channel and SCSI.

Blancco 24 Bay Drive Eraser

Designed for fast, high-volume erasure of up to 24 loose SAS, SATA, SSD hard drives, this turn-key setup includes data erasure software, hardware, and customizable reporting capabilities.

Blancco Array Server Eraser

Meet your high-volume data sanitization needs with fast, reliable and certified erasure in a portable form. Built with software options to suit your business processes, this convenient server can erase most drives in existing caddies or disk array expansion units. Supports SAS, SATA, SSD or Fiber drives and disk arrays.

Blancco High Volume Drive Eraser

Industrial solution in a wheeled rackmount cabinet designed for fast, high-volume erasure of loose SAS, SATA, SSD hard drives and drive enclosures in a turn-key setup, capable of performing erasure on up to 48 hard drives and/or drive enclosures simultaneously.

Blancco Flash Appliance

An easy-to-use volume processing solution to securely erase SD cards or USB sticks, promoting processing efficiency as an all-in-one hardware solution with full reporting and auditing capabilities.

Blancco Toolkit

A portable, lightweight, standalone data erasure appliance that doesn’t require a network or Internet connection, allowing for fully monitored data erasure both on-site and off-site, as well as data leak prevention in single or multiple-site locations.