Manage your data erasure on IT assets quickly and concurrently, to simplify the IT management process. Be assured your data has been erased from any drives, including complex SSDs, in computers, servers and storage environments with the most certified and globally recognized data erasure solution.

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Increase resale value and device operation

  • Detect errors rapidly and fix them efficiently
  • Erase SSDs for improved device functionality
  • Enhance the resale value of the device

Enhance the scalability, speed and efficiency

  • Software customisable to fit specific storage environments
  • Multiple drive erasure quickly and simultaneously (locally or remotely)
  • Enable data erasure for authorised users

Compliance verification with security regulations

  • Best practices reporting both internally and with external stakeholders
  • Tamper-proof, accurate and certified audit trail
  • Verification of compliance with national and international agencies, including PCI DSS, ISO 27001 and ISO 27040
  • Conduct due diligence on data erasure needs


  • Software and Hardware support customised to storage environment
  • Support for SSD erasure
  • Accurate, tamper-proof and certified reporting
  • Patented solid state drive (SSD) erasure (Patent No. 9286231)