Blancco Retail Mobile Diagnostics provides in-store mobile diagnostics in order for customers and store representatives to identify faults and conduct quick repairs on mobile devices.

Key Benefits of Blancco Mobile Diagnostics for Retail Carriers:

  • Increase revenue
  • Enhance Brand Reputation and Reduce Subscriber Churn
  • Minimize costs
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    This solution focuses on customer experience and determining brand recognition. It is tablet-based as well as a Web-Based and also helps retail support staff to educate tablet and smartphone customers on how to get the maximum usage out of their device from a performance perspective.


    • Uniform in-store processes across different stores
    • Easy, quick and automated tool to self-diagnose and remedy soft issues
    • Facilitate customer education
    • Introduces up-sell and cross-sell opportunities
    • Integration with repair book-in system
    • Fast elimination of NFF’s


    • Decreased customer interaction time related to technical issues
    • Optimized work force with reduced dependence on technical resources
    • Diagnose and remedy the sources of recurring malfunctions
    • Pre-diagnosis of faulty devices – reduced repair TAT
    • Improve resale value of refurbished devices, secondary market


    • Customer engagement platform: Sales, Service, Returns, Trade-in, Customer education
    • Nurture, simplify and improve in-store customer service experience
    • Streamline efficiency and productivity of customer service/repair experiences
    • Improve brand reputation – increase foot-fall
    • Increase device and/or contract up sell opportunities
    • Unified customer experience across store locations


    • Factual fault finding
    • Integrated Business Intelligence & Analytics
    • Up to 52 points of on-device thorough and reliable diagnostics
    • Multi-platform, symptom-based diagnostics feature
    • Device health and statistics
    • Device optimization through Xtune
    • Data transfer across platforms
    • Device management and “Walk out working”
    • Firmware upgrades and software fixes
    • Buy back valuation