H3 Secure provides data recovery services for storage assets such as magnetic hard disks (HDD), solid state drives (SSD) in addition to memory storage devices (CF, SD, USB, etc …).

Data recovery is rarely straight forward and usually involves multiple attempts however, we use the latest data recovery techniques and we assure you that we make every effort possible to recover your data.

If you have a damaged drive, accidentally deleted files or lost data due to corruption, please make sure that you stop any operations on the drive as quickly as possible as any further operations will reduce the chances of data being recovered.

You can rest assured that your data will be handled in complete confidence and any data recovered is not retained once handed over to you (unless you request us to hold the data for a set period of time).

You can call us on +971 4 333 8499 for a free assessment and a quote or you can complete the form below: