Prove, enforce and manage your security and compliance policies with Blancco Management Console.

Blancco Management Console provides data erasure management access to internal users, administrators and support staff. Within this centralized and secure point of control, you can view all data erasure licenses, create and modify users and groups, view operator throughput, monitor erasure activities and collect tamper-proof reports to prove data erasure and regulation compliance.

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Key Benefits

Safely Monitor Data Erasure Activities and Report Precisely on Results

  • Provide insight into staff performance with an operator throughput widget that can be filtered by product, group or date range.
  • Store, share or search for reports in a tamper-proof environment to prove you’ve met compliance with all local, national and global regulations, including PCI DSS, HIPAA and GDPR.

Streamline Internal Processes and Strengthen Transparency

  • Integrate data erasure into your existing asset management infrastructure to automate workflows and simplify compliance.
  • Identify performance issues across all of your assets and quickly access reports to solve any potential production shortcomings.

Prove Data Sanitization Across the Entire Data Lifecycle

  • Easily scale data protection policies across physical, logical and virtual environments and optimize operations with erasure statistics and business intelligence dashboards.
  • Centralize control and report on all erasure activities with 100% certified and tamper-proof reports.