Blancco Mobile Diagnostics provides factory repair environments a semi-automated diagnostics repair solution that reduces service times with efficient inbound triage and QA of devices.

Key Benefits of Blancco Mobile Diagnostics for Repair and Depot Mobile Providers:

  • Increase Overall Cost Savings on Inbound Triage
  • Boost Customer Satisfaction and Brand Loyalty
  • Optimise Repairs Process
  • Download Product Datasheet

    This solution allows OEMs, ODMs, Hub repair centers, Distribution warehouses and ITADs to build products and process a level of quality control with a view to maximize the devices value and life. The solution is designed for high volume diagnosis of Smart devices running on Android and iOS operating platforms.


    • Establish visibility over warranty costs
    • Fast problem identification and validation
    • Problem categorization and allocation – assists in building domain specialization for repair technicians ensuing improved productivity
    • Quick identification of ‘No Fault Found’ devices
    • Reduce processing times via automated testing features
    • Lower costs associated with inspections, replacement parts and labor
    • Improve overall product quality of devices
    • Governance control
    • Forecasting of parts inventory


    • Enhanced planning of parts and labor allowing for improved TAT
    • Deliver auditable proof of repairs
    • Improve triage process and lower overall operation cost
    • Reduce frequency of recurring device errors
    • Automation benefit – reduces “touch time”
    • Lower cost per repair
    • Uniform & standardized service processes across repair centers warranting reduced bounce rate


    • Enhanced product quality – decreased burden on service
    • Service efficiency drives customer retention and brand loyalty


    • Factual fault finding
    • Up to 52 points of on-device thorough & relaible diagnostics
    • Firmware Upgrade & Device Reset
    • Multi-platform, end-to-end diagnostic feature
    • Integrated Business Intelligence & Analytics
    • Multi Device flashing feature