The Blancco Remote Support Mobile Diagnostics Solution empowers your customers to self-diagnose errors when seeking assistance from your support agents.

Key Benefits of Blancco Mobile Diagnostics for Repair and Depot Mobile Providers:

  • Efficiency Gains and Cost Savings
  • Enhance Customer Loyalty
  • Refine Repairs Process
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    Authorized call center agents can detect and repair device related problems remotely, with this Web-Based remote diagnostics solution. Which include customers as part of the resolution process that controls the customer experience and drives overall performance, and efficiency remotely.


    • Factual fault finding of problem statements
    • Capable of filtering no fault found devices, suspending returns
    • Real-time device analytics assists in coaching mobile/tablet users to realise optimal device performance
    • Speedy remedies for software problems


    • Enhances returns management systems
    • Lowered “cost per serve”
    • Factual issue reporting warrants faster repair TAT
    • First contact resolution – reduce overall customer service and repair handling times
    • One-touch remedy for frequently faced software issues
    • Improved throughput and reduced AHT
    • Reduced dependency on resource expertise due to platform based diagnostics


    • Improve the customer service experience
    • Trust and promote customer loyalty
    • Transform from a people dependent practice to a platform based solution


    • Factual Fault finding
    • Integrated Business Intelligence & Analytics
    • Up to 52 points of on-device thorough and reliable diagnostics
    • Backup and restore mobile data
    • Multi-platform, symptom-based diagnostics feature
    • Remote support and trouble-shooting
    • Remote remedy
    • Device analytics (both statistics and health)
    • Device optimization through Xtune